Social-ID Marketing Platform and Facebook Custom Audiences

The user’s data captured and stored in the Social-ID Marketing Platform can be used to create Custom Audiences on Facebook. The following topics describe the associated concepts:

Managing User Data through the Social-ID Marketing Platform

The Social-ID Marketing Platform is capable of capturing profile information from social networks such as Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter via social login plugins. The captured data is aggregated in order to create a unified user social profile with data such as name, email, education, work and interests and facebook likes.

The Customer Identity “live” Database consolidates information from social networks and from multiple sources such as customer transactions, behavior, preferences and demographics for marketers to use in segmentation, marketing campaigns and personalized engagement. The database captures data from social plugins, website forms, WiFi, Beacons and integrates to CRM, ERPs and mobile apps to build your customer identity.

Social networks supported by the Social-ID platform have security mechanisms based on OAuth2 protocol, which limits access to user information through scopes. For example, by default Facebook provides access only to basic user profiles, email address and friends list. In order to capture more information, it's necessary to request a Facebook app review to release extended permissions. Only the data associated with the given permissions are available, captured and stored into the Social-ID Marketing Platform.

Facebook Custom Audiences

Facebook Custom Audiences allows marketers to configure targeted audiences for Facebook advertising campaigns according to external information, such as email addresses and phone numbers of your users in the database.

This way, it is possible to run targeted campaigns on Facebook based on preferences and behaviors of users outside of Facebook. It allows for a much more effective marketing with an existing customer base.

The Social-ID Marketing Platform manages your customer identity across multiple business applications and allows highly specialized segmentation to sync with Facebook Custom Audiences in order to achieve the exact target on Facebook advertising campaigns.

Exporting Social-ID Data to Facebook Custom Audiences

  1. Segmenting the user’s database in the Social-ID Marketing Platform, exporting to CSV and uploading the email addresses and phone numbers to Facebook.

create custom audience

  1. Segmenting the user’s database in the Social-ID Marketing Platform and integrating directly via Custom Audiences APIs.

When the data is sent to Facebook, the following steps occur:

facebook steps

  1. First the data is hashed into short fingerprints and then sent to Facebook. In this way the data arrives to Facebook in a format that cannot be reversed to their original form in order to maintain the privacy and confidentiality of the user’s identity.

  2. After the upload of the data has been made, Facebook will search for matching users that have the same fingerprints.

  3. Users found on Facebook will be added to the Custom Audience.

  4. The sent fingerprints will be removed from Facebook.

Security Information and Facebook Custom Audiences

The Custom Audience Terms include the following points in terms of confidentiality, privacy and data security:

  • Provide appropriate notice to and consent from users about the terms of the use policy, especially how the data will be used for marketing and how it will be in compliance with all applicable laws, regulations and industry guidelines.

  • When users use our services for registration we offer opt-in and opt-out features for users to join and unsubscribe from marketing messages. We recommend to update these user preferences in the Social-ID Marketing Platform, so the integration with marketing tools like Facebook Custom Audiences can be synchronized only taking into account those users who have agreed to receive marketing messages.

  • In the integration with Facebook Custom Audiences, the data is converted into short fingerprints and sent to Facebook, so email addresses and phone numbers are not sent in its original form. In addition, the sent fingerprints are only used for the matching process, that are then removed by Facebook after the matching process is complete.

  • Facebook will be responsible for the confidentiality and security while in possession of your data.