CoffeeBean and IBM

CoffeeBean integrates its Social-ID solution into Watson Commerce and Watson Marketing to offer social login and the customer’s social profile for Watson Marketing to deliver personalized engagement.

Social-ID for Watson Marketing

The Social-ID for CIAM integrates with IBM UBX to offer complete and updated customer social profiles to be used for personalized customer engagement through IBM Watson Campaign Automation.

Social-ID for Watson Commerce

Social login increases sales conversion by simplifying customer registration and enabling personalized engagement and richer experiences via Watson Marketing.

The Social-ID Impacts Marketing Campaigns

The Social-ID delivers high performance marketing campaigns due to the quality of its database that is based on content created by your customers and because of its rich segmentation.

Text messages deliver higher open rate than email.

(source: Mobile Marketing Watch)

The Social-ID goes beyond email: It offers Messages via Facebook notifications, Bots for Messenger and Watson, Web push notification and Mobile app push notifications.