The Social-ID delivers three values for the IBM Marketing Cloud:

1. It builds the Customer Identity based on the social profiles and keeps it synchronized to IBM Marketing cloud.
2. It improves the IBM Marketing Cloud customer engagement due to the customer's social profile and new engagement channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Wi-Fi and beacons.
3. It feeds IBM Marketing Cloud with segmentation, real-time events and triggers for personalized campaigns and messages.


It builds the customer identity.
Social login from multiple social networks including Facebook, Google, Twitter and LinkedIn.
Social login for websites, mobile apps, Wifi captive portals to capture data and to offer personalized customer engagement.
Have your customer data automatically synchronized to IBM Marketing Cloud every time a customer updates their social profile online.
Easy integration and configuration, it takes only a few clicks.
Rich segmentation based on the customer identity for marketing campaigns and personalized messages over the omni-channel.
Offer rich personalization on websites and mobile apps, improving the customer experience.
Engagement via Facebook Notifications and Messenger, Instagram, Wifi portals, Beacons and web push notifications.

Details on the integration of the Social-ID to IBM UBX

Transfer a customer's social profile into the IBM Marketing Cloud

Have all the important data from a customer’s social profile, collected and maintained by Social-ID, readily available on IBM Marketing Cloud.

Real Time Social Network Events

Create initiatives based on social network behaviors and interact with your customers in real time as they login, signup or like a new page on a social network.

Batch Synchronization

Keep your IBM Marketing Cloud database and your Social-ID database synchronized according to your own criteria and needs.

Customized IBM Marketing Cloud Behaviors

Social-ID allows for customization of its events, expanding your IBM Marketing Cloud behaviors to suit your specific needs.

Social Network Identifiers

The Social-ID links all the available social network identifiers for each customer and automatically provides them to IBM Marketing Cloud, building the customer identity over all your databases.

Real Time Indoor Location Events

Through the Social-ID's integration with Wifi location based platforms, engage customers based on their current location.


CoffeeBean and IBM have developed a sandbox environment to be used by sales engineers to demo the Social-ID and UBX/IMC integration. Please contact us so we can help setup your own sandbox for testing and demo.
Click here for the steps on how to setup your sandbox.