CoffeeBean and IBM

CoffeeBean integrates its Social-ID solution into Watson Commerce and Watson Marketing to offer social login and the customer’s social profile for Watson Marketing to deliver personalized engagement.

Social-ID for Watson Commerce

Social login increases sales conversion by simplifying customer registration and enabling personalized engagement and richer experiences via Watson Marketing.

Drawbacks of Traditional Login on Website
  • Over 50% of consumers have more than 5 accounts with login/passwords, creating a hassle to memorize them, which leads to frustration when accessing these accounts
  • Over 70% of consumers admit filling out website forms with false data while creating new accounts online
  • Over 90% of consumers abandon the website when asked to reset their password
The Social Login Advantage
  • It simplifies the process of creating and logging into accounts without the need to memorize login information such as username and password
  • It captures your customer's social profile and transfers to UBX and WCA for real time and personalized engagement
  • Approximately 55% of customers would return to a personalized website
  • It increases email open rates by up to 25% due to email personalization based on the social profile

Demo Video