CoffeeBean and Salesforce

CoffeeBean integrates its Social-ID solution into Salesforce Marketing Cloud to bring the Customer Identity and customers’ events to Salesforce Marketing Cloud to deliver personalized engagement and built customizable journeys.


It builds the customer identity.
Social Login from multiple social networks including Facebook, Google, Twitter and LinkedIn.
Login and authentication for websites, mobile apps, WIFI captive portals to capture data and to offer personalized customer engagement.
Have your customer data automatically synchronized to Salesforce Marketing Cloud every time a customer updates their social profile online.
Easy integration and configuration.
Rich segmentation based on the customer identity for marketing campaigns and personalized messages over the omni-channel.
Offer rich personalization on websites and mobile apps, improving the customer experience.
Uses customers’ actions as triggers in the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Journey Builder.
Engagement via Facebook notifications, WIFI portals, beacons and web push notifications.

Details on the integration of the Social-ID to Salesforce

For the integration with Salesforce Marketing Cloud, the Social-ID authenticates customers, creates their Customer Identity and brings this data to the Contact Builder, by creating and integrating it into a data extension. This data will be synchronized into the Social-ID and it will be kept updated.

Once this data is inside the Contact Builder, it can be segmented by different filters and can be used on the Journey Builder to create campaigns and to engage with customers through the Email Studio, MobilePush and other channels.

The Social-ID also uses Salesforce Marketing Cloud customer events as triggers for the campaigns. These triggers can be sent to the Contact Builder via the Contact Events REST API to be used as a trigger inside the Journey Builder.

Below are the triggers Social-ID provides:

WIFI indoor location
Configurable triggers (any customer action can be used here, such as clicking a button or a menu on the mobile app or website)
Profile updates