The Social-ID is a complete solution for CIAM that delivers the following values:

1. It Authenticates and Registers Customers at Website, Mobile apps and WiFi portals.
2. It builds and keeps updated the Customer Identity.
3. It offers Customer Engagement based on embedded or third party tools.
4. Analytics for segmentation or rich customer reports.
The Social-ID for Strong Authentication

CoffeeBean joins FIDO Alliance and adopts its standard to offer multi-factor authentication and passwordless capabilities to the Social-ID for CIAM platform.

Social Login

The social login simplifies customer registration and captures the customer’s social profile to be used for personalized customer engagement and richer customer experience.

Registration as a Service (RaaS)

The Social-ID RaaS is a customer registration service based on login and password for websites or mobile apps, it is an option for customers who don’t want to use social login.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

The Single Sign-On (SSO) enables customers to login or register once and gain access to other related websites or mobile apps without needing to login or register again.

Customer Identity

The customer identity stores and keeps the data updated used to build the customer identity including the social profile and data from websites, mobile apps and corporate softwares.

Engagement Engine

The engagement engine creates segmentation and triggers based on the customer identity and on the customer location for personalized engagement over the omni channel.

Engagement Plugins

The Engagement Plugins are a family of plugins designed to engage customers while they visit a website, use a mobile app or while they connect to your shop for free Wifi.

Customer Satisfaction

The Social-ID customer satisfaction feedback service will help you to quickly get feedback from customers and offer analytics to interpret the feedback and develop strategies to keep customers happy.

BI & Analytics

The Social-ID uses the customer identity data and engagement information to extract rich customer insights and to offer real-time analytic reports available on its dashboard.


The Social-ID integrates into the free Wi-Fi of retail stores, shopping centers or airports to identify customers and captures their social profile to offer engagement over the captive portal.

Customer Tracking

The Social-ID solution offers a tool to track the customer activities and behavior on websites and mobile apps which can be used to enhance and complete the customer identity.

Social-ID Infrastructure for Security, Availability and Scalability

Cloud based solution hosted at AWS to meet high requirements of security, scalability and availability.
The Social-ID platform and its database is hosted in USA, Germany and in Brazil to meet business and technical requirements.
Solution tested and proved on customers demanding high availability and performance during black friday and holiday seasons.
The Social-ID follows the industry’s best security standards, including secure connection (SSL/TLS) on all endpoints, support to OAuth 2.0 standard to enable secure integrations with client side applications and maintains compliance with Social Network policies and Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). For more on security please visit the Trust page.
By using the infrastructure and standard services of Amazon AWS, the Social-ID platform also benefits from several advantages in terms of security that are automatically managed by Amazon, including security standards such as ISO 27001, ISO 27017, FIPS 140-2, PCI DSS Level 1, and so on.
Each company has its own private instance designed around high security standards with restricted access to authorized personnel.
The customer identity database belongs to the company and can be downloaded at anytime.
Solution backed up by SLA to meet IT standards of your business.