The Social-ID offers segmentation based on any information used to build the customer identity that includes the social profile, data store content, webform content, behavioral data, identifiers, mobile devices, etc.
The customer identity database is fully-indexed and enables a single customer view based on the customer identity.

Social-ID Lightweight BI

The Social-ID uses two technologies to deliver a lightweight BI solution to our customers, they are Elasticsearch for segmentation and Kibana for reports. By following this approach, we are able to deliver real time reports for large databases managed by the Social-ID.

When our customers demand a full featured BI, we offer integration to platforms such as Tableau, Pentaho or Microsoft Power BI.

Kibana Features:

  • Visualize Elasticsearch data
  • Graphs with different shapes (histograms, line graphs, pie charts, heatmap, etc.)
  • Interactive dashboard visualization
  • Easily create new graphs crossing data

Available Social-ID Dashboard Reports

The Social-ID provides different types of reports based on the information captured on the customer registration. By using Kibana, these reports can be extended and new reports can be created by crossing multiple information.

Some of these reports are:


Reports based on the customer's’ main activities:

  • Logins per day, week, month
  • New users per day, week, month
  • Authentication provider (Facebook, Twitter, Email, etc)


Reports based on demographic information captured:

  • Gender
  • Age
  • City
  • Relationship


Reports based on customer preferences from their social networks:

  • Likes on Facebook
  • Preferences per category
  • Top preferences per group


Reports based on data from the wifi captive portal and the behavior of customers around the wifi area:

  • Access
  • Heatmap
  • Visitors per zone
  • Duration of sessions

Any of these reports can be combined with others, to have a more detailed understanding of your customers.

Export Data

Segment and export customers’ data to CSV files and create custom insights on spreadsheet tools or integrate with third-party analytic applications.

Segmentation APIs

The Social-ID offers rich segmentation based on the customer identity, this segmentation is also available via APIs to be used for integration with third party applications such as marketing automation, CRMs, DMPs (for retargeting and for Facebook Custom Audience).