Social Profile

The Social-ID automatically collects the social profile from social networks when the customer performs a social login and uses it to build the customer identity. The Social Profile is based on rich data created by customers on social networks.

Keep the Data Synchronized with Social Networks

When customers change their profile on social networks, the customer identity database on the Social-ID is automatically updated.

Data Store

The customer identity has two important sets of information: the social profile and the data store that captures and saves data from webforms, customer inquiries and from third party integrations such as CRM or ERP. It supports structured and unstructured data based on a dynamic schema to ensure flexibility when storing data.


Create clusters for customer behaviors and preferences based on Facebook likes or other sets of variables to enhance the customer identity.


Add customer identifiers such as MAC addresses used on Wifi networks, push notification device tokens, web push endpoints, beacon identifiers, etc., to improve the personalization on the omni-channel.

Fully-Indexed Data

The customer identity content is indexable and available for segmentations, analytics and for personalized engagement over the omni channel.

Customer Identity View

The Social-ID dashboard shows a complete view of the customer identity, which includes the social profile plus all the data collected from websites, mobile apps, Wifi, CRMs, ERPs and the customer’s preferences.