The Social-ID Impacts Marketing Campaigns

The Social-ID delivers high performance marketing campaigns due to the quality of its database that is based on content created by your customers and because of its rich segmentation.

Text messages deliver higher open rate than email.

(source: Mobile Marketing Watch)

The Social-ID goes beyond email: It offers Messages via Facebook notifications, Bots for Messenger and Watson, Web push notification and Mobile app push notifications.


Segmentations based on the customer identity data and location are used to feed engagement over the omni channel and for analytics available on the Social-ID dashboard.

Powerful Filters

The customer identity database is fully-indexed enabling the creation of audiences based on data captured from social networks, engagement plugins, data stores, web forms or from third party applications that are integrated into the Social-ID.

Dynamic Lists

Create dynamic lists based on filters configured on the customer identity. When a new customer registers and the profile fields match the filters, the customer is automatically added to the list.


Triggers are events designed to start engagement initiatives for a customer or a group of customers.

Location-Based Events

The Social-ID integrates into Wifi and beacon systems to capture events that indicate when a customer enters or exits a zone.

Geo-Fencing Events

The Social-ID integrates into IOS and Android SDKs to create events once customers reach pre-defined zones.

Social Login Events

This trigger is activated when a customer uses social login to sign in or sign out from your website or mobile app.

Engagement Plugin Events

The engagement plugin events are triggered when a customer interacts with the Social-ID’s engagement plugins. For example: when a customer writes a comment, rates a product, posts a review or likes a selfie post.

Profile Update Events

The profile update events are triggered when the customer identity is updated, for example when the customers update their Facebook profile.

Custom Events

The Social-ID platform supports customized triggered events through simple API integrations.


The engagement engine supports triggers associated to events scheduled to run at a predefined time.

Omni-Channel Integration

The Social-ID supports personalized customer engagement over the omni channel based on embedded or third party tools.

Facebook Notification

The Social-ID’s engagement engine sends desktop notifications to the customer's Facebook.

Facebook Messenger

The Social-ID extends the omni channel by integrating into messenger.


The Social-ID supports personalized messages over email that can be done by exporting email lists or by integration via APIs to email marketing platforms. The emails can be personalized by the customer identity data.

Push Notification

The Social-ID integrates into mobile apps to send personalized push notifications to iOS or Android devices associated with the customer identity.

Web Push Notification

Web Push Notifications sends a push notification directly to the customer's web browsers. The Social-ID supports desktop and mobile versions of Chrome, Firefox and Opera.


The Social-ID notifies a custom callback URL when a pre-defined trigger happened and informs what customer activated the trigger.

Third-Party Apps

The platform provides APIs for integrations with third party apps to transfer data from the customer identity and triggers to start marketing initiatives. Examples of integration are the IBM Marketing Cloud, Sendgrid email marketing and Magento e-commerce.

Sending Policies

The Social-ID defines policies to control the amount of messages each user will receive. For example, creating a rule of only allowing only one message to be sent a week.


Control how many times the customer can receive a message in a period of time. For example, you can limit the customer to receive one email per week for any given campaign.

Time Window

Configure the time intervals of when the customer can receive messages. For example: you can distribute coupons only during lunch time.