Data Store

During the registration process, the RaaS stores any structured or unstructured data associated with the customer, using a dynamic schema to ensure flexibility to store the data.

Fully-Indexed Data

All of the customer's data collected and stored during the registration process is indexed and available for segmentation to help on the engagement initiatives.

Security Compliance

In order to meet the high security standard, the Social-ID’s customer registration (social login and RaaS) is compliant with the PCI DSS standard. Passwords are stored using a one-way hashing algorithm and sensitive data is protected and encrypted at Rest. All data in motion is encrypted using Secure Socket Layer/Transport Layer Security (SSL/TLS).

Email Confirmation & Password Reset

The RaaS supports email confirmation and password reset flows to easily administrate the registration and login service. The Social-ID solution can also add security questions in the registration process that are asked when resetting a password.

Adding Social Networks to an Account

The Social-ID account linking adds social login to accounts originally created using RaaS.

APIs’ Integrations

The RaaS can easily be built, integrated and managed across websites, e-commerce and mobile apps by using RESTful APIs.