Captive Portal Customization

Create a personalized experience by customizing logos, templates and the navigation flow. It integrates to Google Analytics to get a complete tracking event.

Content Management

Configure the portal to be displayed after the customer logs into the Wifi network. Create highlights and personalize content using the customer’s identity clustering features to schedule your campaigns.

Ad Distribution

The Social-ID distributes ads to be displayed over the Wifi captive portal, it supports a flexible flow that includes pre-login and post-login steps and it also allows to schedule campaigns (start-, end time and duration).


The Social-ID organizes the Wifi hotspot on locations called venues and groups them to simplify the management of the different portals.

Captive Portal Configuration

It defines the social networks available to login and enables traditional login and automatic login. It also defines authentication limits such as maximum number of logins per period.


The platform provides reports about the Wifi network usage: session count, session time, download and upload data transferred. All reports can be filtered by groups and venues and aggregated by time period.

Access Logs

In addition to the reports, the Social-ID wifi platform offers access logs to track the users who have been accessing the wifi. These logs can also be filtered by groups and venues and aggregated by time period.

Multiple login options

The Social-ID wifi offers different ways to authenticate the user on the captive portal:

  • Social login (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin)
  • Traditional login (email and password)
  • Guest login (filling a form)
  • SMS